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House Turnover Guide_ House Turnover Checklist

House Turnover Guide and Checklist

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. After going through the tedious process of choosing and zoning in on your future house, you’re a few steps away from full ownership. But, just before you settle the remaining payments and the place is turned over to you, it’s vital that you see its condition and if it’s precisely the way you viewed it. You’d want to ensure that you get your full money’s worth for the house features, right? 

An inspection occurs to see if the property is compliant with everything that you and the builder or seller have agreed upon. To help you during this final step in your house buying journey, here’s a house turnover checklist that you can check out. 

First things first…

If you’re buying your new house, you might be wondering what this whole real estate turnover checking step is. As mentioned, it’s a final house inspection (using a “punch list”) of the house that you’re about to buy. It’s crucial to ensure that everything about the house and your lot is built the way you wanted and agreed on. The same thing goes for condo units. This turnover process includes everything the real estate company does to prepare or develop your unit before handing it to you. 

It’s recommended that you have a contractor or your designer with you. It’s also helpful to have a real estate agent, carpenter, electrician, and plumber, especially if you’re unsure about checking certain utilities in your house. They can help ensure that everything is ship-shape on the property.

Turnover checklist 

House exterior

Start from the entryway. As you go through the house’s main entrance, look at the overall state of the house’s exterior. For specifics, you need to check if everything about the structure meets the specifications you wanted. Consider the following:

  • Check if there are any cracks on the walls and roof from the outside. 
  • If there’s a gate, check if the gate fully opens and closes. Check if the lock works. 
  • Check if the measurements of the property are consistent with your contract. 
  • Check if the surface of the floors is even. 
  • For condo units, check the floor plan and measure the floor area.

Doors and windows

Equally important is for you to check if there is anything wrong with the house’s doors and windows:

  • Check if all the doors in the house fully open and close. 
  • Check if the doorknobs and locks work fine. 
  • Check if the windows can be fully opened and closed. Check if the window locks function. Look at the window frame of each one as well to ensure that there are no broken parts.
  • Check if there are any broken parts of the windows and doors

Electrical outlets

It’s also vital that you check the electrical fixtures to ensure that these are all working fine and that electricity reaches all parts of your house. Again, if you’re inspecting with an electrician, it would be best to ask them for help for a more thorough inspection, especially when dealing with the circuit breaker, cables, or other wires. For your assessment, you can do the following:

  • Check if the sockets in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and others are all working. 
  • Check if the light switches work perfectly. Flick the wall switch in every part of the house or unit. 
  • Check if other electronic appliances or furniture are correctly installed and are working. 

Plumbing and other water fixtures

Besides the electricity, it’s also vital that your house’s plumbing fixtures are perfect. Mainly, you need to check out all the bathroom fixtures, but don’t forget to check out other plumbing objects in other parts of your house. Here are some things that you need to check as you go around your home:

  • When you flush all the toilets, check to see if the flush works fine and if there are any leaks. 
  • If there are bidets, try using them and check for any leaks as well. 
  • Check the shower and faucets if these are both working and if the water pressure is enough. If they come with heaters, check if hot, warm, and cold water comes out. 
  • Fill in the bathtubs and sinks with a couple of inches of water. Check if the stoppers of the bathtubs and sinks are working.
  • Check if the water fixtures have any broken parts, rust, or cracks. 
  • Check the sinks and other drainage pipes for any leaks. The sinks should drain water efficiently as inefficient draining would mean clogged pipes.

It would be best if you could have a plumber assist or come with you on your inspection and ask for other things that they think are worth inspecting to ensure that the plumbing system is working properly and doesn’t have any problem.

Overall house interior 

You should also check the house’s ceiling, floors, and walls from the inside to ensure that they have no damage. 

  • Check if the walls have any cracks, chipped paint, or scratch marks. 
  • Check if the floor is made of the material you agreed on and see if there are any broken or misaligned parts.
  • Check the ceiling finishes. Look for any broken parts. Also, check for marks or discoloration in the paints, as these could indicate holes in the roof.
  • Check the built-in cabinets for any damage; their doors should close the cabinets flatly and perfectly fit.

Kitchen and other house appliances

Lastly, you need to check if the built-in appliances or other pieces of furniture that come with the house are all functioning and are in pristine condition. 

  • If the house comes with built-in storage, check if the space has the dimensions you agreed on. Also, check if the cabinet doors have no breakage. 
  • Check if the kitchen appliances, like the stove, refrigerator, ovens, and exhaust fan, are all functioning the way they are supposed to. 
  • Check if all surfaces are sturdy and correctly built in the places you want them to be. 
  • Check the gas pipes and ensure they are correctly installed and do not have any gas leakages. Check the structure of the gas cabinet, and make sure that there are no damages as well.

Going through this checklist during your final inspection can help you ensure that every part of your house is hassle-free and precisely the way you want it to be. If everything’s fine, then it’s time to take that next step and get ready for the housing turnover! Owning your new house is right around the corner.

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