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At this point in time, you should have decided on which Bilkenn unit you want, and have visited the actual unit!


  • Turnover Units
    The inclusions of the turnover property, both interior and exterior components, are based on a list that can be seen at the front of the model houses.
  • The exact area per room will be based on the Floor Plans that will be signed upon reservation.

You should also have paid the Reservation Fee to our designated Bilkenn Staff.

Request for a Provisional Receipt from the Staff for your payment!

Lastly, you should have signed the Reservation Agreement!

We hope that you spent a few minutes to read it comprehensively before signing.

You are just one step away to securing your Bilkenn Home!

We have a set amount of calendar days to consolidate all the necessary requirements.

Request the complete list of requirements from your broker or from any of our staff.



For Locally Employed / Self Employed / OFW / Seaman

  • Buyer’s Information Sheet
  • Duly filled-up & signed Mortgage Loan Application Form of Principal and Co-Borrowers
  • If Married, NSO Marriage Contract / If SIngle, NSO CENOMAR. If Applicable, Court Finality on Legal Separation or Annulment Papers
  • 2 Valid Government Issued digitized ID with picture of Principal & Co-Borrower
  • Photocopy of passport with proof of entry and exit to the country (OFW/Seaman)
  • Updated 3-6 Months Bank Statements
  • Latest Proof of Billing (Utilities, SOA)
  • If with existing loan, SOA reflecting Payment History of the loan for the current year.
  • Clearances for any cancelled cards/negative findings
  • Certificate of Employment with Compensation, Direct HR-Company Email Address and Contact Number (Locally Employed/OFW) or Crewing Manager Company Email Address & Landline Number at work (Seaman)
  • Latest 3 Months Pay Slips
  • Latest 3 years ITR 2316
  • Qualified Attorney-in-Fact (AIF) with executed Bank Format SPA & Signed Home Loan Application Form (OFW/Seaman)
  • Latest 3 Months Proof of Remittances (OFW/Seaman)
  • Latest POEA Certified True Copy Contract of Employment (OFW/Seaman)
  • Sea Service Certification / Sea Schedule from previous employment (Seaman)
  • Valid Business Registration (SEC, Articles of Inc. G.I.S/DTI & Mayor’s Permit) (Self Employed)
  • Latest 3 Years B.I.R Filed Business AFS & ITR (Self Employed)
  • Last 6 Months Bank Statements where income of business is lodged (Self Employed)
  • Landline and Trade Names of 3 DTI/SEC listed Trade Supplies & Clients (Self Employed)
  • List of Affiliated Companies or Latest Contracts (Self Employed)
  • If available, details of owned operated business branch (Self Employed)



For Locally Employed / Self Employed / OFW / Seaman / Government

  • Buyer’s Information Sheet
  • Duly filled-up & signed Pag-ibig Housing Loan Form (3 Sets)
  • 3 pcs 1×1 ID Picture
  • Verified Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Employee Statement of Accumulative Value (ESAV)
  • Birth Certificate. If Married – Marriage Contract
  • Foreign Marriage – Passport Copy of Spouse and 2 Valid IDs with 3 signatures
  • 2 Valid ID’s (Company/Passport/Government IDs). Photocopy 3 sets with 3 signatures (If Married, please include Spouse IDs; If OFW, Visa Copy/Resident Identity Card)
  • Notarized Original Certificate of Employment w/ Compensation (COEC) *Local and Private Employer Only
  • Photocopy of COEC and Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from POEA (OFW). If Original COEC, provide a Photocopy of Employment Contract from Employer (OFW)
  • Photocopy of Employment Contract (OEC) from POEA with E-ticket (Seaman)
  • Original Latest 3 months Pay Slip with signature of HR/Employer (Government)
  • Online Job – Proof of Income Receipt converted to Philippine Peso like GCASH/Paypal/Bank Statement
  • Latest 2 years Bank Statement with Bank Certificate (Online & Commission Basis)
  • 2307 and Company Permits (Commission Basis)
  • SPA Pag-ibig Format Red Ribbon or Notarize SPA Pag-ibig and Photocopy of Passport with proof of entry and exit in the country (OFW)
  • Authorization Letter prior to Employment Verification
  • Latest Business Permits – Mayor’s Permit, DTI, COR & 3 Years ITR w/ BIR Stamp of Detailed Business Sketch with Landmark (Self and Locally Employed)
  • Latest 24 Months Pag-ibig Contribution; Certificate of Pag-ibig Contribution or Latest Contribution Receipt
  • Members Data Form (MDF)



Cash Payments and Equity Installments

  • Post-dated Checks (PDCs) shall be submitted within 15 calendar days from date of signing of the Reservation Agreement
  • Failure to submit the PDC’s within the prescribed period nullifies the approval of the Buyer’s Cash Terms or Equity Installments, making the amounts covered immediately due and payable to Bilkenn Corporation

Payment of Foreign Currency

  • In case devaluation or depreciation of the Philippine currency should occur to any cause or reason whatsoever, the basis of computation of the total consideration shall be adjusted accordingly to correspond to the value of the Philippine peso at the time of execution of the Reservation Agreement

Payments Made to Agent

  • All payments given to brokers and/or employees of Bilkenn Corporation are for transmittal and safekeeping purposes only and shall be recognized upon the issuance of the Provisional Receipts by Bilkenn Corporation


  • Payments received after due date will incur penalty at the rate of 1/10 or 1% per calendar day of delay of the monthly installment, compounded until the arrears are fully paid
  • Acceptance of said payment is not condoning or excusing of any subsequent failure, delay or default in the payments of the buyer

Our Bilkenn Loan Processing Department will assist you!

However, the final assessment that leads to the approval or denial of the loan is up to the financial institutions


Submission of Loan Requirements

  • Post-dated Checks (PDCs) – within 15 calendar days from date of signing of the Reservation Agreement
  • Documents of Locally Employed / Self Employed – within 30 calendar days from the date of reservation
  • Documents of OFW / Seaman – within 45 calendar days from date of reservation


Processing Loan Requirements

  • To avail Zero DP Promo – processing starts on the 3rd week from reservation. Thus, complete loan requirements must be submitted within 14 calendar days from reservation
  • For 18 months DP – processing starts on the 4th Equity
  • For 24 months DP – processing starts on the 7th Equity


Additional Equity

  • If the actual loan value approved is lower than the amount applied for loan, the difference shall be paid within 5 calendar days from the Loan Takeout.
  • Non-payment is a ground for cancellation of the Agreement and forfeiture of all payments made


Grounds for Cancellation

  • Bilkenn Corporation has the right to automatically cancel the Agreement without the necessity of any court order. All payments made shall be forfeited in favor of the Bilkenn Corporation without prior notice in the event of any of the following:
    • Withdrawal of the Buyer from the Agreement for any reason whatsoever;
    • Failure to submit the complete loan requirements within 30 or 45 calendar days, as the case may be, from the date of payment of reservation fee or failure to submit additional requirements required by the Bank of HDMF within 15 calendar days from notice to the Buyer;
    • Failure or refusal of the Buyer to pay the following:
      • The Difference on the amount of applied loan and the actual approved loan within the agreed period of payment
      • Full Down Payment
      • Any installment due, bank charges or interests incidental to the Buyer’s housing loan, any & all interests/penalties/other charges such as but not limited to Miscellaneous and Move-In fees, telephone, cable, electric & water connections and deposits and all other obligations under the Agreement which may have accrued or have been advanced by Bilkenn Corp. PDC’s or any check issued by the Buyer, if dishonored by the bank for whatsoever reason attributable to the Buyer, shall be deemed as non-payment.
    • Negligence or desistance to sign the required documents of Bilkenn Corp. or the Bank at Bilkenn’s office or directly at the Bank within 15 calendar days from date of notification;
    • Disapproval or denial of the loan application with the financing institution due to misrepresentation committed by the Buyer;
    • Failure to comply with any of the provisions of the Agreement

You will be notified by our staff that your application has been approved!

At this point, the Documentation Process is now complete!

We project the completion of the construction of the project within a period of 12 months after full payment of Down Payment / Equity with a grace period of 12 months within which to complete the same, unless prevented by “force majeure”


Property Turnover

The unit may only be delivered to the Buyer if:

  • The Buyer shall have fully paid the Down Payment;
  • The Buyer has fully paid the balance whether from the release of his Loan Proceeds through Bank or any government financial institutions; or
  • Submitted to the Seller the Post-Dated Checks (PDCs) on the balance of the total purchase price with a Promissory Note


  • Any form of renovation within the premises that will involve extension of the unit in any way or any alteration on the original construction of the building including peripheral wall must strictly seek written approval of the Developer, Bilkenn Corporation, before actual construction is undertaken and must conform with the terms and conditions set by the Developer
  • All other restrictions on renovation are incorporated in the Deed of Restrictions


Use and Management of the Unit

  • Property shall be used exclusively for Residential Purposes only, notwithstanding the transfer of title in the name of the Buyer. Property shall not be converted for any other use or purpose.
  • Property shall not be used or leased as a hotel or motel or lodging room. Sale of beer, liquor or any intoxicating beverages anywhere in the project is strictly prohibited.
  • No billboards, commercial or advertising signage shall be erected or constructed on the property or any part of the Common Areas which destroys the view of the general vicinity or impais the structural integrity of any part of the project.


Sending of Notices

  • The address of the Buyer provided in his Housing Loan Application shall be the Buyer’s official postal address. In case of change in address, the Buyer shall notify Bilkenn, in writing, of any change of address immediately. Otherwise, Bilkenn shall not be bound by such change.
  • Any such notice, letter or communication shall be deemed to have been duly delivered or given 7 calendar days after posting if transmitted whether by mail or email.
  • If the Buyer has already moved-in from the premises, it shall be considered as the new address of the Buyer.


Water Service Connection

  • Water rates for the temporary water connection shall be based on the commercial rate as charged by Maynilad Water Services.
  • Any future increase shall be subject to prior written notice of Bilkenn Corp. to the buyer.
  • Bilkenn Corp. shall have the right to disconnect the water services if no payment is made within the prescribed period. Water service will only be restored upon payment of all overdue accounts, the 5% penalty on the overdue bill, including the water consumed at the time of disconnection, plus the reconnection fee of Php 200.00


Temporary Electrical Facilities

  • Housing units located in portions of the subdivision where regular MERALCO is still not available, Bilkenn Corp. shall provide temporary electric power and lighting facilities and the Buyer shall pay Bilkenn the monthly cost of energy consumed, at such rate as may be prescribed by the Bilkenn Corp., until MERALCO shall have fully installed its power lines in the area where the housing unit is located.
  • Bilken Corp. shall have the right to cut-off or shut-off the electrical connections of the subject lot and housing unit if the Buyer is delinquent in the payment of its temporary electrical consumption.


Assignment / Transfer of Contract Rights

  • The Buyer may not assign, sell or transfer of this Contract, or any right or interest thereon or in the unit, without his prior written notice to and the prior written consent or conformity of Bilkenn Corporation. Bilkenn reserves the option and sole discretion to approve or disapprove any such assignment.
  • In case Bilkenn Corp. approves the assignment, the Current Buyer shall pay a Transfer Fee of not less than Php 10,000.00 or the amount prescribed by Bilkenn Corp. The new buyer shall pay a Reservation Fee of Php 20,000.00


Homeowners’ Association and Management

  • The Unit Buyer, registered owner, or his successors-in-interest shall automatically become a member of the Homeowners’ Association and shall pay a membership fee in the amount of Php 2,500.00
  • HOA shall be in charge for the operation, handling, and maintenance of the community facilities, sanitary collection of garbage, security, fire protection, enforcement of restrictive easements, and in general, for promoting the common benefit of the residents