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Condo or House and Lot_ What to Consider Before Deciding

Condo or House and Lot? What to Consider Before Deciding

Whether you’re settling down with your partner or just wanting to secure something of your own, the excitement never stops. However, it is sometimes difficult to decide which you should get, a condo unit or a house and lot.

You should consider many things since this involves a huge amount of money, and you should also understand the differences between living in a condo property and a family home.

The question remains, condo vs. house? Read more from this blog to come up with an informed decision!

Better Investment: Land or Condo?

Would you desire a bigger room for you and your family or would you rather live in a more compact location amid the city? The solution lies in your lifestyle needs and finances. Here are some factors you should take into consideration before deciding. 


Condos are typically less expensive than houses because of their smaller size and lower maintenance costs because you are just responsible for the interior of your unit. A condo might be suitable for you if you have budget constraints as it is usually less expensive than a house and lot. However, make sure you have your attention to condo dues set by the HOA.


One of the best things in life is having a desirable neighborhood; this is why you should choose a community that matches your vibe and respects you. With condos, you are part of a neighborhood rather than just a house. When you share walls with your neighbors in a condominium, you’ll feel more connected to them. Because of the common areas, such as the mailroom, parking spots, clubhouse, pool, and meetings with the condo HOAs or condo board, you’ll have more opportunities to socialize with your neighbors. Make sure to choose an investment that offers a peaceful neighborhood as it will improve your quality of living!

Future Value

If you want to sell your condo when you retire, you need to make sure that the value will increase over time. This means that you should choose a condo with a reasonable resale price and is located in a high-demand area (strategic locations, central business districts, key cities, and other desirable locations).

On the other hand, landed homes are more likely to appreciate over time than high-rises. One of the main reasons land-based properties have a considerably greater return than high-rise condominiums is the land scarcity and the ongoing growth of the population.


This is a key feature when purchasing a home. In suburban areas, houses and lots are more common. If you want to get away from the noise and bustle of the city, these properties are ideal for you. On the other hand, there is an increasing demand for condos within cities due to limited land available for construction. Condominiums are located in great locations, making it easy to get to all of the area’s attractions.


When you own a house and lot, your own indoor and outdoor area is ideal for families and even pets with a home and lot. Having a home of one’s own provides more room for storage, more privacy, and a greater sense of pride in one’s possessions.

While some condo residents appreciate the sense of community and safety that comes with living in a condominium, others are put off by the condo organization’s stringent condo rules and regulations.

If you want to have all the control, you may opt to get a house and lot; however, if you wish strict security, you should get a condo unit.


Buying a home in a planned community (such as more significant and developed subdivisions) may also bring you into contact with a Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Still, these groups tend to be less dictatorial and are instead responsible for maintaining common spaces like the playground and clubhouse amenities.

On the other hand, almost every condo building includes swimming pools, fitness gyms, and parking spaces.

Advantages: Owning a Condo or a House and Lot

Owning a Condo

  • The association fees cover the façade and many of the more expensive building components; thus, maintenance is limited to the inside of the residence.
  • People choose condo living for convenience since most are in metropolitan areas close to stores, restaurants, and more.
  • Resort-style features like swimming pools and fitness centers are standard in many. Condos are a popular alternative for people who lead busy lives because of their ease of upkeep and low cost of ownership.

Owning a House and Lot

  • You have complete control over your home and property.
  • Moreover, it creates additional space conducive to hosting families with children and relatives.
  • You can also renovate and expand however you like, without needing the consent of others.

Disadvantages: Owning a Condo or a House and Lot

Owning a Condo

  • Expect to pay more maintenance fees for the building maintenance and other amenities.
  • When you own a condominium property, you’d need to consider your fellow condominium residents when deciding. There will be rules.

Owning a House and Lot

  • Higher utility bills since it is more spacious.
  • High maintenance expenses. And you are also responsible for the exterior maintenance, unlike in condos.

Contact Bilkenn To Help You Make An Informed Decision

So, should you buy a condo or a house and lot? The decision largely depends on your needs and lifestyle. If you want to live in an urban area where space is limited and you don’t mind having less privacy, then a condo may be the right choice for you. But if you want more room to spread out and prefer living in a suburban or rural area, then a house and lot would be better. Keep these factors in mind as you make your decision so you can find the best property for your unique situation.

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