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Tips For Buying A House and Lot In Cavite, Philippines (1)

10 Tips for Buying a House in Cavite, Philippines

Are you ready to buy your own house and lot in Cavite – one of the most connected provinces to Metro Manila?  Although buying a house seems like a complex process, there are just a few things that you can do to make this transition as easy as possible.

It is very important to go through this as this activity will be your pathway to a better life!

We listed down 10 things to consider when Buying a House in Cavite for The First Time!

1. Check Your Finances.

You must check your financial capabilities before looking for properties. You should confirm how much you can pay upfront as a down payment and how much the ideal monthly payment that you can make. You should list down your household income, and your monthly expenses.

One thing that you should check is how much you are paying for rent. This amount is usually the main reason why someone would get a house. Payments for houses and lots take 5 to 20 years so it is really a big decision, and it is really important to have a Financial Plan first.

Some real estate developers, such as Bilkenn Corporation, have financial experts who can help you find the ideal budget for this next step. You can contact them by sending them an email at

Want to invest in your house but in need of financial assistance? Read the article we wrote about Applying for a PAG-IBIG Housing Loan.

2. Check How Many People will Live in the New House.

You should find out early how many people will reside in the new property, as it affects a big part of your property decision: “how many bedrooms?” and “how many bathrooms?”. This also means finding out if there are any plans to expand the family, such as having new kids or having relatives move in.

The number of family members affects the expenses as well, such as utilities

and furniture.

3. Consider Current Jobs and Schools

After finding out who will live in the new home, it is now important to talk to them individually about where and how they go to work or go to school, as well as other things such as the locations of their current clubs, churches, and/or owned businesses. This is important to do because relocation literally will change their lives, and if done correctly, then it will change for the better.

After finding this information, you can then close in on an ideal area for your next property.

4. Look for At Least 3 Subdivisions In the Area

You should then check for 3 subdivisions within the area or are close enough to important locations in your family’s life. You can search for them on Facebook and even contact them there. This makes sure that you have options to compare.

A good location should have nearby establishments such as schools, supermarkets, and churches, as well as close to highways, expressways, and national roads.

For Cavite, one of the most trusted and fastest-growing developers is Bilkenn Corporation. They have a property called Summer Pine Subdivision in Noveleta, Cavite. You can visit their property by booking an appointment here. With Bilkenn, you can even check their properties all through the website,!

5. Look at the Developer’s Website and Facebook Page

You should expect your real estate developers to have a good website and a good Facebook page. The quality of these pages is a good indicator of how much the real estate developer cares about their customers. On the Facebook page, you can even see content from the company, as well as some reviews from current homeowners.
A good example of a website is The real estate website has all the virtual tours for all their units being sold, financial information, a step by step process, as well as all the requirements. You can also have a chat with their sales team, all within the website!

6. Contact the Developers Directly First

We highly recommend talking to the real estate developer’s sales team, rather than talking to brokers and agents. Though brokers and agents can be trusted with all your property needs, in-house sales teams may provide you with special promos and discounts that only the developer itself can agree to.

That is why we recommend communicating with official pages and websites first. That being said, some developers do not have a large enough in-house team and have accredited agents who are basically answering on their behalf and can offer you the same promos (if you ask for it).

You should ask about their unit types and inform them about their budget. This makes sure that they can give you the property that best fits your budget.

7. Discuss Your Options with Someone Else

You should discuss your decision with someone very close to you so that you can get another person’s perspective on the decision. This may be your significant other, parents, sibling, or even a close friend. Tell them about your plans and ask about what they think.

Most of the time, they will be able to remind you of certain things that need to be addressed first or they can also be the ones who will encourage and support you with their purchase. They can also join you when you visit the project site!

8. Visit the Location on Weekdays

You should visit the project site during your most convenient time, though if you can do it on the weekdays then that is advisable! During the weekdays, you can actually see the usual traffic around the property, meaning you can get a better estimation of the accessibility of the subdivision.

Visiting on the weekdays also has the added benefit of being toured to the properties individually. The sales team can then accommodate you for longer and answer all your inquiries!

We recommend taking photos and videos of the property so that you can show them to your family and friends.

9. Contact Current Subdivision Residents

This may require a little work, but talking to current subdivision residents can give you very valuable information regarding your purchase. You can communicate with them by looking through the subdivisions’ Facebook page or Facebook groups and sending them a private message. You can also check reviews online about the property.

10. Ask as Many Details as Possible and Negotiate

While talking to a representative from the company, make sure that you ask for all relevant information, especially those related to requirements and payments, as well as the turnover units. You should ask about what documents will be signed by you and request a copy for your review.

You should also negotiate for promos and/or possible discounts, especially if you saw on their website or Facebook page that they have given such promos before. We recommend that you use this statement when negotiating: “If I reserve this week, what will be the freebies or discount?”.

After following these steps, you can be more confident about your purchase! You are now closer to becoming a home-owner!

To help you with your journey in buying your new property, you can contact Bilkenn’s sales team that has helped hundreds of people before who are now proud owners of their dream houses! You can contact

Bilkenn is one of the fastest-growing real estate developers in the Philippines that develops both affordable and luxurious modern houses for all types of families! Bilkenn has on-going projects in Cavite and Quezon City. You can check Bilkenn and the properties that they sell at or through Facebook at

Find your perfect home with Bilkenn.
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